Sonic Figures



Sonic figures is a physical sound installation and a concert that invites the audience to listen and to be listened to.

Through listening, sounding, language, words, rhythms, vibrations, the heard and the unheard, it hosts a melody that moves between sounds, silences, bodies, space, listeners, hearers, solos and choirs. In the act of listening, the work experiments with practises of attention, between the individual and the collective, the intimate and the distant, and as a navigator of delicate barriers between care and control.

Sonic figures was presented as part of Dans.hall Festival in Farsta 24-25 of august 2019 after a research Lab with invited sound artist Jan Carleklev and performer Ina Dokmo.



Photo and video: Pavleheidler and Joakim Olsson

Installation/performance dates 2019
24 August 21.00-24.00
25 August 12.00-15.00

Performers: Sara Lindström and Ina Dokmo
Sound artist: Jan Carleklev
Supported by SITE